21 August 2005

I've been asked on several occasions (from students, from blog readers, and from a few friends who happen to be in the business) what my recommended reading list is. I've never really put one together formally, instead just sort of relying on impromptu answers that cover some of my absolute favorites and a few that just leap to mind at the time.

(Note that this is a reprint, so to speak, of the same entry on the old weblog, but I wanted to kick the Reading category off with a reprise of what I'd written before.)

(UPDATE 2021: I'm updating this as time goes by. Come back here periodically for new titles and updates.)

Enough is enough. It's time for me to post my recommended reading list, broken out for both Java and .NET programmers. (If you're of one camp, it's still worth reading books on the other camp's list, since the two environments really are Evil Twin Brothers.) And I've left my own books off the list, because I think it's rather forward of me to recommend them as recommended reading--naturally, I think they're all good, but whether or not they make the cut of "recommended reading" is for others to weigh in on, not me (at least not here). (Update: several commenters on the old blog suggested it was not out of line to recommend my own books if I thought they were worth recommending, so I added them.)

Java Recommended Reading list:

.NET Recommended Reading list:

C++ Recommended Reading list:
(For the twelve people left in the world still writing C++ code, anyway.)

Database/Relational Storage Recommended Reading list:

Security-related Recommended Reading list:

Operating System/Platform Reading list:

Platform-agnostic Recommended Reading list:

Note that this list will undergo revision and change as I continue, so I'm putting a link to this item in the links column in the sidepanel to the left for easy reference. For now, I'm just listing them out as they come to mind. Later, if I have time, I'll put paragraphs of detail behind them so you can know why I recommend them. (Updated on 13 Feb 2002) (Moved to this weblog 21 Aug 2005) (Updated 5 Oct 2005)

Look for more book reviews and recommended reading via the "Reading" category on the RSS feeds. There's undoubtedly titles that I'm forgetting, and I'm hoping I'll get around to blogging more about the books I'm reading now, including Ruby (the Pickaxe book and the Rails book), some other titles in the Pragmatic series, as well as some WS-*-related stuff and (of course) the staple C# and Java stuff. And of course I'm always open to suggestions of new and interesting technical titles to peruse....

Update: Steven Rockarts pointed out that Rocky's "Objects" books are missing, as is Fritz's Essential ASP.NET. Added. (He also lists Object Thinking, by West, but I don't care for that book--too Zen, I think, for most readers.)

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Last modified 21 August 2005