01 January 2019

It's that time of year again... well, actually, a few days late, but I've been busy, I swear. As has become my tradition now for nigh-on a decade, I will first go back over last years’ predictions, to see how well I called it (and keep me honest), then wax prophetic on what I think the new year has to offer us.

As per previous years, I’m giving myself either a +1 or a -1 based on a purely subjective and highly-biased evaluational criteria as to whether it actually happened (or in some cases at least started to happen before 31 Dec 2018 ended). And, to be fair, while I only posted the 2018 predictions a few days ago (I hadn't realized it, but my CI system for the blog was down, which goes to show you, it helps to verify your CI system every so often), I actually wrote it a year ago, so it's still legit.

In 2018...

At the start of 2018, I wrote, "Oh, my, it's been something of a roller-coaster for all of us, to be sure. ... [T]he tech industry has seen a huge element of chaos and uncertainty thanks to a whole slew of factors, some related and some not." And although I didn't know it at the time, that was going to be well true of 2018, as well, thanks in no small part to the huge privacy and access scandals that have rocked Facebook and other companies to their very core. Let's go back and see what I predicted, though, and see where I came out in the face of all that...

In 2018, I wrote...

Eleven "+1"s, to five "-1"s. Not bad, better than my average (which is usually right about a push). Can't get too upset about those numbers, really. For comparison, last year's were 15 +1s. 10 -1s, which again confirms that my skills as a psychic are definitely not going to keep me and the family fed.

But that's the past, and most people are interested in...

In 2019

As an awkwardly-named decade ("the teens"? "the 2010s"?) draws to a close, a number of interesting things are going to start shifting the industry around in some very interesting---and potentially scary---ways.

Here's what I mean:

Lastly, one more:

I was pretty terrible about blogging in 2018, largely because I was pretty well-occupied with a number of different things in my life. Some of that is getting straightened out now, and frankly I felt an "itch" every so often to write something in the blog---but couldn't thanks to the aforementioned "things", mostly due to lack of time---that I think will force itself to the surface more often in 2019. I'll probably be shuffling some of my various IT properties around a bit, too, so don't be too surprised if in 2020 this blog is split between my professional site and a more personal one (which would remain tedneward.com, but with an actual website at that domain name instead of the silly placeholder that's there now).

Thanks for reading. Have a happy, prosperous, and adventurous 2019, and feel free to drop me comments or feedback in the comments below.

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Last modified 01 January 2019