20 February 2023

This, like so many other pattern languages before it, looks to catalog, categorize, and through that effort, provide some clarity and/or guidance on the various activities practiced by the various members of a Developer Relations team. As with all pattern languages, it's not intended to be a tutorial, but more of a reference, and as such could easily see additional edits and clarifications as time progresses.

The first part of this discusses some meta-elements about this particular pattern language; if you want to jump straight to "the good stuff", jump to the Activity Catalog.

Note that many of these activities will depend on other, non-pattern activities, such as developing a target persona, that will help drive most (if not all) of the activities--for example, knowing DevRel's target persona/personae will help identify which conferences, which session topics, the articles to write, and so on.

Pattern Form

The most basic pattern form I prefer is the simplistic one that states that "a pattern is a solution to a problem within a certain context that yields certain consequences". This then yields the four-element Problem-Solution-Context-Consequences tuple, consisting of each element described (and adapted slightly for our purposes here) below:

Additional elements to the pattern form are possible/likely, depending on the individual pattern:

Tags: devrel   patterns