18 May 2021

A collection of my professional essays, re-homed for more permanent linkage, and to allow for a little less "date-threaded" conversation. Fully professional, still opinionated, but focused entirely on the industry in which I work (software development) and topics pertaining thereunto. All opinions are mine.

Aren't these a bunch of essays from your other blog?

Yup. Updated a few, categorized them a little differently, and will continue to add to them as time goes on, but they started as a collection from the previous blog (and the one before that, as well).

What is a "Wog"?

Well, bluntly, Martin Fowler coined the phrase "Bliki", as a combination of the words "blog" and "wiki", and I kinda liked the idea, but wanted to take a different approach. So I combined "wiki" and "blog" and got... "wog". (You did ask.)