11 March 2006

While training last week, the group I was training asked for some help in interviewing candidates for some openings. I came up with the following, and thought I'd post it in the interests of giving teams looking to hire some new folks. This was created specifically to find candidates with 2-3 years' experience with some familiarity with web applications.

More suggestions, questions, and comments welcome. Note that some of the questions are deliberate traps, some of them are deliberately open-ended in order to encourage discussion and opportunities to flesh out what's on the resume, and some of them are intended not to hear the answers but to watch the candidates' reaction. (Yeah, I'm a hard interviewer. :-) )

Update: A couple of commenters have pointed out that a few of the questions are answered by simply looking up stuff (in the HTTP specification, for example). Two answers come to mind why I want people to know this without having to look it up--one, sometimes I want to pitch a slowball just to see how they'll react and answer, and two, if they can answer the question without having to look it up, it means they know the spec, which is a far, far different thing than being able to look something up.

Tags: java   j2ee   clr   c++   ruby   xml services  

Last modified 11 March 2006